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Protect your collectible memorabilia with Pather Display Cases.

​At Pather – The Display Company, our 47 years of manufacturing excellence has allowed us to perfect the art of acrylic/ plexiglass/ lucite/ perspex manufacturing. We know plastics! We are plastics!

Pather – The Display Company, has a display case that will fit your environment. We promise!

It is impossible to list every Pather collectible display case that can be made. However, whether you are looking for:

  • Jersey/Sweater Acrylic Display Cases

  • Baseball Bat Plexiglass Display Cases

  • Hockey Puck Display Cases

  • Cap Display Cases

  • Trophy Display Cases

  • Hockey Stick Display Cases

  • Boxing Glove Display Cases

  • Golf Ball Display Cases

  • Gi Joe figurines Collectible Display Cases

  • Collectible Barbie Display Cases

  • Helmet Display Cases

  • Display Cases that are designed specifically for your NHL/NFL/NBA/MLB/AFL/ NASCAR/AHL/NLL/PGA/World cup or Premier 

Collectible display cases_edited.jpg

Pather Display Cases

Exceptional Quality.
Exceptional Results.

Pather –  The Display Company.

​48 years of manufacturing has allowed Pather to excel in working with acrylic/plexiglass, wood, metal and other unique materials that result in superior Display Cases.

​Our objective as a manufacturer is to always provide our clients with quality,

versatility, and economical pricing.

​Whether you looking to encase your jerseys, pop figurines, footballs, hockey gloves, or your comic books, Pather – The Display Company will protect your collectible memorabilia!


Our manufacturing capabilities have the ability to customize to your vision.



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