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Hockey Puck Display Cases


Pather display cases
Stanley cup display case

Exceptional Quality Exceptional Results, Pather – The Display Company.

​44 years of manufacturing has allowed Pather to excel in working with acrylic/plexiglass, wood, metal and other unique materials that result in superior Display Cases.

​Our objective as a manufacturer is to always provide our clients with quality, versatility, and economical pricing.

​Whether you looking to encase your jerseys, pop figurines, footballs, hockey gloves, or your comic books, Pather – The Display Company will protect your collectible memorabilia! Our manufacturing capabilities have the ability to customize to your vision.

When You Look Good – We Look Good, Pather – We Are Display Cases!
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Protect your collectible memorabilia with Pather Display Cases.

​At Pather – The Display Company, our 44 years of manufacturing excellence has allowed us to perfect the art of acrylic/ plexiglass/ lucite/ perspex manufacturing. We know plastics! We are plastics!

Pather – The Display Company, has a display case that will fit your environment. We promise!

It is impossible to list every Pather collectible display case that can be made. However, whether you are looking for:

  • Jersey/Sweater Acrylic Display Cases

  • Baseball Bat Plexiglass Display Cases

  • Hockey Puck Display Cases

  • Cap Display Cases

  • Trophy Display Cases

  • Hockey Stick Display Cases

  • Boxing Glove Display Cases

  • Golf Ball Display Cases

  • Gi Joe figurines Collectible Display Cases

  • Collectible Barbie Display Cases

  • Helmet Display Cases

  • Display Cases that are designed specifically for your NHL/NFL/NBA/MLB/AFL/ NASCAR/AHL/NLL/PGA/World cup or Premier League memorabilia we will meet all of your requirements

We Design - We Manufacture – We Deliver - We Ship Worldwide –
We Are Your Display Company!
Plexiglass Collectible Display Cases



Pather – The Display Company, our manufacturing capabilities will exceed your expectations. We are the actual source!

Not only we can design and manufacture your display cases – we have the ability to design your entire woman lair or man cave.


Pather – The Display Company, we use our acrylic/ plexiglass/ metal/ wood and printing capabilities to deliver outstanding results.

We manufacture and design for a majority of the world’s largest retailers, sports restaurants, shopping malls, museums. In addition our ability to create displays in your home will set you apart.

Whether it is 1 display case or a complete design rollout, our pricing, quality, and honesty will exceed your expectations.

Our Possibilities Are Endless!
Gi Joe Figurines Display Cases
Acrylic Display Cases
Display Cases
Special Keepsakes Display Cases

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Pather collectible display cases can be used in any environment. Whether it is our standard cases or something special is required. We are here to bring your dreams to reality.​

Imagine your memorabilia collectibles such as: Album covers, Comic books, Sports stadium chairs, Flags, Figurines, Flowers, Special keepsakes, in our acrylic/plexiglass/lucite/perspex display cases will look amazing in your space.

Please feel free to contact us!

  • Our client care department will be glad to discuss, which acrylic/plexiglass is best to use.

  • What color optics best suit your environment

  • What is the best way to display your collectibles

  • How to install and care for your collectible cases

  • What is the most economical approach to displaying your special items

  • We have full in house design capabilities which allow you to approve any project before you begin

We take your vision seriously. Pather – 44 years of knowledge. We truly care about our clients.

Our Possibilities Are Endless And Affordable!
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Memorabilia Display Cases

PATHER display cases
are simply elegant


​Pather – The Display Company. Our display cases are a perfect way to bring your memorabilia to life. We are taking acrylic/plexiglass display cases to a whole new level.


We Design - We Manufacture - We Deliver - We Are Unique -
Pather Display Cases!
Plexiglass Jersey Display Cases