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The user of our products is the focus of all of our efforts. As an acrylic fabricator for more than 47 years, we are committed to the highest design, manufacturing, and quality standards in the production of innovative items that are used by retailers, corporations, and consumers worldwide. Our goal is to provide excellence in all our products and their timely delivery to our customers as well as provide outstanding customer service. We are dedicated to continuously improving all of our business processes and providing results that exceed expectations. Please check out What We Do page to see all services and products we offer and contact us if you don't see what you're looking for.


Our Belief

We are committed as a company and as individuals to overall excellence, dynamic results and honesty in all of our dealings.  Business partnerships are and will always be the cornerstone of our organization. To achieve outstanding results our team anticipates our clients needs and is dedicated to continuously improving all of our business processes and our client relationships. We believe that we can make the world a better place by sharing our success and helping communities worldwide. At Pather®, every day is a new day and we are striving to make a difference in business and in humanity.

Where We're Going

Pather® wants to be recognized worldwide as a one stop shop, providing our clients with quality, affordability, distinctive, innovative and unique products as well as exceptional customer service. We will continue to grow and develop new products, innovations and technology to improve our services to our clients.

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Sustainability means creating value and acting in the long-term interest of our clients. We work hard to earn and maintain the trust that our business is built on. We support that trust through a framework of basic values such as integrity and transparency. At the end of the day we only have our conscience.


Our Sustainability Policy outlines the responsibilities of the people involved in managing and overseeing Pather®’s social and environmental activities. The policy is supported by a number of related policies that cover topics relevant to the manufacturing industry: Code of conduct conflicts of interest corruption and bribery equal opportunity and harassment financial governance health and safety human resources management privacy and confidentiality of personal information compliance. Our Corporate Sustainability Group works every day to identify and understand the sustainability issues that affect our business. We play by the rules.

Social Compliance

At Pather®, we strive to be the best we can be to ensure we use materials which are recyclable and friendlier to the environment as well as by minimizing waste. We also provide an environment and culture for equal opportunity hiring and career development. We believe we can make a difference in life and to humanity. Fairness, equality and trustworthiness are key components to our business and everyday dealings.


Human Rights

Pather® is driven by enduring corporate values. These values represent our core beliefs. They stand as our collective commitment – to our colleagues, to our customers and to the communities of which we are a part. These values live in the way we work, in the solutions we offer, in the employment environment we provide and in the way we partner with the community. At Pather® we are committed to conducting business in an open and ethical manner. We accomplish this by creating an environment built on the strength of trust, accountability and integrity in all our business practices. It is our responsibility to build and maintain the code of ethics by supporting and actively participating in this process.

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